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    Maureen, Will and especially Liam  wanted to thank everyone for all the kind messages and prayers.   The comments and prayers we have been receiving mean more to use than you will ever know.  Please feel free to leave a note, message, joke, prayer or just say hi, we are checking this space often and it really puts smiles on our faces to hear from our friends!


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  • Kay Hengelmann

    Liam, Will and Maureen,
    I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Easter together with family. Liam I hope the Easter Bunny came to visit. I continue to hold positive thoughts and will keep you in my prayers.
    Kay Hengelmann(Dan’s mom)

  • Donna Dvornik

    Dear Liam, Maureen & Will,

    Hope your trip to New York went smoothly! You are all in my thoughts and prayers every single day!
    I wish you a beautiful Easter weekend and that
    Liam is able to play to his heart’s content as well as both of you!
    Liam, here’s a joke for you to tell your friends.

    Why does a Chicken “lay” eggs?

    Answer: Because if she “dropped” them, they’d break!!!! :):):)

    Know that all the positive thoughts and energy we can muster is being sent your way and relentlessly storming heaven’s doors!!!!

    Love & God Bless,


  • Allison McCain

    Hi guys! Hope your trip to NY is going smoothly and hope to see you when you get back! We’re thinking of you every day. Sean’s first comment after going to his new school last week was, “Liam wasn’t there today.” We miss you terribly, especially since we’ve gone country 🙂 Big hugs to you all.

    Allison, Scott, Sean and Marin

  • Dear Liam, Will & Maureen,

    You’re all in my prayers as you travel to New York to begin your planning. May God bless you and your professional team of doctors and nurses with strength and guidance. You are an amazing family and have taught all of us how to continue moving forward, no matter what!



  • Bob & Kate Denten

    Dear Liam, Maureen & Will,

    You are very much in our thoughts & prayers.

    Your strength is so inspiring.

    Best Regards,

    Bob and Kate

  • Dear Liam, Will & Maureen,

    Fantastic news all the way around. Congratulations on your expected new family member. We’re happy to learn that the future
    is looking very bright for Liam and the both of you. Our prayers are storming heaven’s doors and ask they guide the doctors, nurses and all involved in getting your “Bestest Little Boy 100%”, as you so beautifully wrote
    to Live 100% Cancer Free! We’ll always keep you in our thoughts.

    Love & God Bless your beautiful family!


  • HI Maureen
    As I have been going back and forth to Sloan Kettering for almost three years now, I may have some insights that might prove helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk.
    Bill Banzhaf

  • Wow, you are truly blessed. It sounds like you have a great plan in place. Also congrats o
    n Liam’s new sibling. He will love that! If you need a place to stay while in NY, or just want to come for the weekend, you are welcome. Kathryn would LOVE hanging with Liam. He can frolic in our pool with Kathryn.

  • Dear Kelly Family,
    Know that I am holding all of you close to my heart.

    Katy Smith,

  • Donna Dvornik

    Hi Will, Maureen & Liam,

    So glad you’ve finished week two of your treatment and you’re full of energy.

    While I was out this morning I heard some ducks quacking and thought of a joke for you
    to tell your nurses and doctors.

    What do you call a crate of ducks?

    Answer: A box of quackers.

    Have fun playing this weekend Liam!

    Love & God Bless You and Your Mommy & Daddy!

    Donna Dvornik

  • Hi Maureen, Will and Liam,

    A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of your sweet boy, Liam. From the first time I met him he touched my heart. He always made my day when he would come into Papa Chris’ for his chicken fingers. I always knew that he was a special little boy. We can all learn from this little fighter. He is so amazing, just like his Mom and Dad.

    I am sending lots of prayers, hugs and kisses to you Liam.

    Love ya, Pam XO

  • We are so glad to hear Liam is getting back on his feet! I know the next nine months of continued treatment will be hard on all of you and will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Dear Liam, Will and Maureen,

    We’re so relieved to see Liam out and about and enjoying some special well deserved time
    at the Field Museum. You are and will always be in our thoughts and prayers. May you continue to be filled with strength and positive energy every single day.

    Liam, the next time you see your special friend, Nate; tell him this dinosaur joke.

    What do you get when a dinosaur sneezes????

    Answer: Out of the way!

    Hope this brings a smile and a giggle to your lips Liam.



  • Liam,
    I am a friend of Catalina, she’s cool. I think you are so awesome I pray for you everyday. Enjoy your pancakes!!!!

  • Dear Kelly Family,

  • Hi Liam, Will, and Maureen!

    Just thinking of all of you on this monday night and letting you know that I’m praying nonstop for you xoxo For the rest of my life, I will always think of Liam’s beautiful face when I eat PANCAKES!!! Maureen, I know we have never met but you are one amazing Mommy. Will, I have shared your story with my mom, an oncology nurse and mother of a son who beat childhood leukemia and she said just yesterday, “Of course I remember Will! He was that handsome, tall guy with glasses who seemed to be the only one with his head on straight in that Marquette crowd!” haha

    Looking eagerly for updates and your plan and hope you can have fun racing those hotwheels in the meantime 🙂

    So much love, Lori

  • Hi Will and Maureen,

    My prayers are with you as Liam battles this relapse.

    Liam is tough; he can beat back this horrible disease again.

    God Bless


  • Dear ones,
    from the poem Egrets by Mary Oliver

    …Even half-asleep they had
    such faith in the world
    that had made them-
    tilting through the water,
    by the laws
    of their faith not logic,
    they opened their wings
    softly and stepped
    over every dark thing.”

    love nancy and bob

  • We are so happy that you will have a little R&R. My Rosary group has been praying hard and were thrilled to hear that Liam made it through surgery so well. Does he feel good? Pain?
    Good luck Monday!!

  • i watched many of your videos,they are really cute. I hope 4 the best to you. Youre in my prayers.


  • i watched many of your videos,they are really cute. I hope 4 the best to you. Youre in my prayers.

  • our thoughts and prayers are with liam always. he is such a strong little boy. your story has touched our family. y’all are in our prayers every night of every day. let’s gods love keep you and love you.

  • Liam, Maureen and Will-

    We were so sorry to hear about Liam’s relapse. We continue to pray for his continuing recovery, and for the well-being of all your family. Please tell Liam “Hello!” from Kieran at preschool.

    Wishing you all the best-
    Jackie, Jon, Kieran, and Braden Blake

  • Hey guys, I am glad surgery went well. Carmen and I were devastated to hear about the relapse.

    You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

    The Barrios Family,
    James, Carmen, JD and Michael

  • I’m so happy about the brain scan! We’ll all continue praying. Liam, I’m looking forward to that ice cream. Untill then, just keep eating those pancakes! I love you Liam!

  • Great news on the brain scan!! Keep enjoying the pancakes. Prayers will continue.


  • Nothing like brain surgery with a side of pancakes to kick off this road to recovery! We are continually amazed by our friend Liam and are always praying for only the best for all of you.


  • Hi Liam,

    You keep eating those pancakes. If I lived closer I’d make you chocolate chip mickey mouse pancakes for extra energy. Keep fighting Liam,
    we’re all thinking and praying for you and your whole family. You are the BEST LITTLE BOY WITH

    God Bless you with strength, healing and love,


  • Jennifer Bosner Lyons

    Will, Maureen, and sweet Liam-

    Please know that your family has been and remains in our daily thoughts and prayers- we so very much believe in the power of prayer…It’s awesome the things a prayer community can do- know how far-reaching yours is! So many MU connections have brought me to your site all this time.
    Blessings for ongoing strength and healing, joy, and comfort.
    You are all so very brave.

    Holding you all in our hearts-
    Jennifer and Jim Lyons, and family
    (Doug Bosner’s sister)

  • We are keeping all of you and especially Liam in our prayers!

  • Doreen mc Nulty

    thinking of you all and praying
    Sean & Doreen Mc Nulty

  • Mary Liz Ranieri

    Many people in Ocala, Louisville & Costa Rica are praying for Liam, Will and Maureen and your wonderful supportive families. May God give you the strength to cope and Liam the healing he deserves. We all feel we know this BEST BOY and love his spirit and courage.
    Blessings & prayers,
    The Ranieri Families

  • Pete Lisa Aeva Bella Chase and Dakota

    Liam is very lucky to have such awesome parents like you two.

    Hugs, more hugs, and even tighter hugs from all the Streffs.

    We are still praying and sending well wishes your way.

    To a speedy recovery, a never-ending source of strength, and a bottomless cup of courage,

    Love, The Streffs

  • Kathy Hengelmann

    Wow! I can’t believe he is eating pancakes! That is just the best news I heard all day!
    Liam you are one strong guy. I’m so glad surgery went well. I will pray for quick and positive recovery! He must get he get strength and bravery from his wonderful mom and dad!

    Go Liam!
    Kathy Hengelmann ( Dan’s mom)

  • Pancakes! This kid is sooo amazing and brave and strong! We have a huge group of Liam fans that are praying for him. You guys have been foremost in our thoughts for these past few days. Please remember we have only love & positive thoughts for the Kelly family & Liam’s successful recovery. Let us know if & when you need anything else. Love ya, Lisa

  • So, So, So, So, SOOOOOOO Happy to hear that Liam made it through the surgery today! And on top of that is requesting pancakes…I think I might have some pancakes to celibrate with Liam the BRAVE!!!

  • Liam is one tough cookie! Great to hear surgery went well and he’s already showing off his wiggling digits!

    At bedtime prayers tonight, Sean said he wants to give Liam a choo choo train flashlight to help him feel better and Marin wants to watch some Octonauts with him…followed of course by, “God bless our friend Liam and God bless the Octonauts.”

    Love to you all!

  • Maureen Will and sweet Liam,

    I heard the news and I am praying for all of you. If you need anything at all while your at the hospital don’t hesitate to ask.

    May God watch over Liam,

    Cindy Dietz
    Out Patient Surgery

  • Praise God that he made it through the surgery. Our prayers will continue for his recovery and the journey you will all be on.

  • I recently learned about your battle from crackedsidewalks.com and please know that your family is my thoughts and prayers. Many a Hail Mary was said in my free moments at work today.

    Take Care and God Bless.

    MU Alum

  • Love and prayers from the Mayfields and Waughs

  • Many prayers and much love coming your way from scranton

  • This is Pricilla Maly, my son Owen goes to school with Liam. I just wanted to let you know that Liam is in our prayers and definitely in our thoughts especially Owens.

    As I opened up liams website Owen began to tell me that he wished for something for Liam today. I asked him what did he wish for and Owen said he wished for a clock for Liam because he’s going to see the doctor.

    Owen loves clocks and hes scared of the doctor so I know Owen wants to give Liam all his love, support and comfort by wishing him a clock.

  • Hi Maureen,
    I just wanted you to know how sorry I am to hear about Liam’s relapse. As soon as I heard the news I emailed all our friends & family asking that they pray for Liam & your family during this difficult time. May God bless your precious boy, you are all in my thoughts & prayers.
    Love & prayers,
    Christy Calo (L&D RN)

  • Prayers to you all. Your site and touching story was passed along to me twice – via Sean Fallon and Ryan Kehoe – both mutual friends. Clearly you have a strong friend network and hope you feel the love from all around.

    We are all pulling for little Liam.

    the Kerr family

  • Hi Maureen,
    We worked together briefly when I crossed trained to L&D from ISCU. Our boys are close in age, so I think/pray for Liam and your family often. I read your blog & cried when I found out he was sick again. I will continue to pray for Liam, you, & your family. Take care.
    Mercedes (jenkins) Bolden
    ISCU RN Evanston hospital

  • Sarah Cockerill

    Peggy Benz is a friend and posted a note about Liam’s surgery today. I’m sending prayers for Liam as well as your whole family – for health, strength and courage. From what I read on your blog, Liam has gone through so much – he sounds like an amazing little boy. As a parent, my heart goes out to you. I hope your whole family feels the loving arms of those you know and don’t know around you as you go through this.


    The Cockerills – Sarah, Marc and Rory (23 months)

  • You have my prayers. I am a college friend of Julie Lee’s and she has shared your story with me. I have sent out numerous requests asking for prayers from my church and work families. I believe in the power of prayer and in our God being the Great Healer. May God continue to be with you and your sweet boy during this time.

  • Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for all of you as you go through this yet again. My prayers for a complete healing of Liam, and strength for you all to come through this.

  • Even though I do not know you personally, I just wanted to extend my Deepest Thoughts and Prayers for Liam and family. I know of your situation through a dear friend at work, Donna B.

    Liam is a Strong little fighter and I know he will beat this!

    Sharon F

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