• Jack Michael Kelly

    October 31st, 2013MurtLiam

    photo-3We snuck home on our last flight from New York August 12, 2012 I was shocked to have no questions from the flight crew I was not a petite pregnant woman. Some sweet old man in a grocery store in Manhattan asked if I was carrying three babies, bless his heart;) Our due date was the 22nd and since Liam was nearly 2 weeks late I figured we were safe but found an obstetrician in New York just in case.  We had time to sort ourselves and Liam had a chance to recover. We went to Liam’s preschool orientation, snuck in his first Cubs game just settled back into being home. Since we had chosen to never find out the baby’s gender Liam had his final requests for a boy and they were answered. Everything was wonderful for Jack’s speedy delivery. Sunday, August 26th Will and I headed to the hospital at 11am and Jack was in our arms at 12:58 weighing in at 10lbs4oz. Liam was so excited to meet his little brother. It was just as wonderful as we thought it would be. Fast forward two months and Liam is still absolutely smitten with Jack. He is so hooked on the little babe. Jack has given us something truly positive to focus on, the best medicine a boy could have.boys

    – this post was written october 31 2012 and I would have sworn I posted it….oops:)

    Jack Michael Kelly

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