• Preschool

    December 21st, 2011MurtLiam

    We are attending our local Catholic school  3 days a week from 8-11am. It is such a great thing on so many levels. Liam and I have been more attached at the hip than your average toddler so we figured the transition would be a weepy one. The first day there were no tears, I was shocked. Day 2 wasn’t so easy but the teachers at Liam’s preschool are fantastic. Gratefully they are super experienced and have a cuddly response to kids that need a little extra attention. Liam and I had a deal. After drop off I agreed to sit outside and wait for the day to be through. Truthfully I waited for the door to close and I scurried home returning without Liam being the wiser. Whatever works, right? My favorite day was when Liam said I could go home out of the rain.   The teachers have my number near the phone in the classroom in case of anything exciting. The chest tubies were still in and we have to be a bit more cautious than the average kiddo. But his excellent teachers are so great with the curve ball they were dealt. I have confidently dropped Liam without any problems and every day he bursts out of school with pure excitement. We have chosen to omit Liam’s medical history from his classmates. We think of this as a fresh start and besides wearing hearing aids and being petite there is nothing that shouts cancer anymore.  Liam is blending in perfectly, before we knew it school drop off was more fun than tears. He is more independent at home then ever before it is so fun to watch him bloom.

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