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    March 18th, 2011MurtLiam

    Totally Charmin'We have had so many ups and downs but I do believe the ups have greatly outweighed the downs these days.  I will not recap with much detail on the missing time. The short and sweet is better for all of us. The second bone marrow rescue was tough, Liam was tougher, but it is something I wish to forget, and I pray he won’t remember. We were in the hospital until December 7th. Liam’s 3rd birthday was December 15th so we got to spend it at home in our super clean house thanks again to so many special people and my beautiful husband. We also got a fabulous fake Christmas tree and celebrated the holidays in the quietest but most wonderful way. Liam has been a champ so Santa rewarded him accordingly.

    Radiation was not so bad. My baby has tattoos to mark the radiation spot, I plan to use all of his scars and tat’s to his benefit over the years. It was early morning wake ups for about 3 weeks. Some days better than others waking up from anesthesia every day is tricky.  Liam preferred the quick visits to Northwestern to our frequent and long visits for blood and platelet transfusions and the dreaded central line dressing change. We accomplish most things with the aid of bribes, I don’t know if I have written this before but I am 100% behind giving Liam gifts for everything. We may have a house full of toys enough for 20 boys but I am proud that we figured out how helpful a wisely placed monster truck can change a moment from tears to joy.

    As you read before Liam had some fantastic test results that represent all the hard work he has put in. No Evidence of Disease, sweeter words have not been spoken. Neuroblastoma is nasty and we are blessed that Liam is doing so well and we believe with every stitch of our beings that Liam will be celebrating with us for a lifetime and we rely on your support and prayers to keep us going even on the scary days.  Thank you.

    So what are we up to now? We got on a promising  antibody study by the skin of our teeth. This treatment will go for 6 more months. We are heading in to the second round of it this weekend. Liam did really well with the first round, truly better than I could have dreamed. 

    About the lack of updates, I know there are so many of you checking in and I really appreciate you all.  We are so busy playing, healing and sleeping that I just don’t know where the time goes. Thank you for caring and loving my boy so much:)

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