• Stem Cell Transplant #1

    December 1st, 2010MurtLiam

    The morning of Day Zero, Liam was still feeling very well and playing with his new treasure of toys. The infusion of stem cells was around 1pm.  With the cells, there is a great possibility of side effects so several medications are given before the infusion to reduce chance for an allergic reaction. The amount was just a little more than an ounce (37ml)that arrives to the room in a space-age freezing container, when all the pre-meds are given the cells are thawed in a warm water bath and then hung by the nurse practitioner only taking 20 min.

    Liam fell asleep and stayed a sleep for hours. Everyone said that is the best way to deal with the weird feelings of nausea and super strange taste in his mouth.  The minute the infusion begins Liam’s breath changes( happens to everyone) it smells like cream corn. It’s not like a faint smell either it is noticeable in the hall outside his room. It is strange but it could definitely be worse.

    This is the chart we use to keep track of the daily activities.  One bath, two lotionings, 4 mouthwash (bubble gum ACT) and 4 mouthwash with antibiotic paste. Liam doesn’t like to do any of the above mentioned activities!!! We started practicing the mouthwash a while ago to make it less a fight. We also have fully embraced bribery. Liam gets cars, stickers, and other little treats for mouth care and bigger prizes for things like placing the nose tube.

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