• Happenings of Isolation

    December 2nd, 2010MurtLiam

    So the Chemotherapy we received was way tougher and the Stem Cell transplant is to help Liam recover. The same way the other rounds of chemotherapy wrecked his counts (White Blood Cells=immune system) the pre transplant chemo was even stronger and Liam needs the the stem cells help to recover (rescue him). The lack of WBC’s brings fever, mouth sores, muscle aches you name it the poor fella feels it. After every round we had the same problems they are just worse this time. Liam is put on a Patient Controlled Analgesia(pain medicine pump) that is managed very well by the nurses and a specific ‘pain team’ that literally manages all of the children in the hospital.

    Liam surprised everyone, he was up and playing days before anyone expected and really didn’t sleep as much as I was ready for him too. Those surprises were fantastic, he did a great job not gonna say it was easy but it wasn’t as bad as I was worried it would be.  We passed the time with craft projects, music, puzzles, books, playdoh and movies.

    On day 10 Liam started sprouting cells, right on target.  The days leading up are the worst itchy, rashy, pukey, ouchy mouth but Liam never stopped being in good spirits. Lots of blood and platelet transfusions increasing the amount of pain medications as needed.  Things started turning around Day13 turning down the PCA , walked the halls at night on the 15 day before you knew it we were out the door on Day 16!

    The follow up is in the stem cell clinic, instead of having the home health nurse come and draw labs(blood) like in the past we have labs drawn at the hospital. Then we wait for results and transfusions if necessary. The goal is to have once a week visits and plan for Transplant #2.

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