• Halloween

    December 2nd, 2010MurtLiam

    We had a blast between transplants! As soon as we arrived home Liam hit the floor running. Home was set up as a giant play house.  The difference between coming home this time and after the last chemo’s is that he is already through the toughest time.  With fantastic luck we avoided any fevers while at home. We had fun at the park, the beach and with our buddy Evan.

    Halloween was fast becoming the talk of  the house. Liam was excited about dressing up like a T-Rex. Nanny found a fantastic costume for Liam and then for the whole family.

    Liam had a really great time dressing up so we didn’t stop with the dino. If you look closely Liam is actually wearing 2 other costumes under his dino. For starters we have Woody from Toystory then Superman and the cherry on top is T-Rex!!!  Liam’s friend Evan met us for some trick or treating, he was dressed as a leopard and Ellie as an adorable pumpkin. The two boys went house to house together on a fantastic search for candy. The rules are that meeting outside with other kids is fine we just have to wash up when we’re finished.


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