• Clean House

    December 2nd, 2010MurtLiam

    We had to change somethings around the house in preparation a ton of cleaning and parting with somethings. I looked at it as a chance to purge through all the things that I could have horded forever. I was sorta ruthless in ways and in other ways their wasn’t enough time to go through everything.  We had a lot of second hand appliances and ones that were nearing the end of their lives so we sorta had to start fresh. Thankfully, lots of you lovely friends helped us clean  toys and the hospital helped arrange for a cleaning  of the house and a new dishwasher. Will was so happy to have help in the painting  projects. I do feel like we couldn’t have gotten ready in time without you guys. Thanks.

    We had incredible help washing all of the Kelly Family clothes, towels, and sheets. You name it we washed it.  I am certain  that my friends from Evanston think that Liam may have one or two books too many but what can I say, the boy loves to read. We are lucky to have as much space as we do and truly I feel like toys and presents have such great impact on Liam, the smile is all I need for encouragement. It so happens that my brother Mike and his lovely wife Colleen have a similar affliction. The most recent outrageously fun present was this tractor. I swear it goes 5 miles an hr down the hall.

    Sully has been living with my brother mike on and off  through this crazy time. Liam does miss his buddy(adorable foot rest) but it would be cruel to the pup if he was alone all the time at the house. Not to mention it is easier to paint without him and his lovely black fur.  Sully enjoys his time out in the burbs and playing with Louie and Beau, his ‘cousins.’ He comes back to us every time yearning for a nap. I think they keep him quite busy out there with all the squirrels and the room to run.

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