• Visitors Welcome

    September 28th, 2010MurtLiam

    On the weekend, the 4W playroom has been closed. I imagine that the volunteers are busy through the summer but it is a bummer for my little guy.  So instead of worrying about how to pass the days we invited most of Liam’s cousins to hang out. 

     First up were Maeve, Maggie and Matt Dowdall

    Then, Norah and Aine came for a bit of coloring and to watch the Air and Water Show from the windows of the clinic waiting room. During the week this room is packed, but on the weekend it turns into an open room with couches and a huge tv.

    Sunday we had some more visitors. It became a bit of a pizza party with the Murtagh girls and McNultys.  

    It was a blast!! Liam got pooped after a while  but didn’t want the party to end.  He begged that everyone stayed even after he went for a nap. I think this was the best weekend stay we have had at Children’s.  Hooray for the end of the induction phase. 

    As for Liam’s last two cousins, just because they are in Australia doesn’t mean they don’t have fun visits too. Liam is technologically advanced for his age, actually for my age too:), we visit with them over Skype.  At first I didn’t think Liam would stay focused for long enough to enjoy but Grace and Luke always keep him laughing.

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