• No Room at the Inn

    September 25th, 2010MurtLiam

    On Friday, July 9th, we headed in for a visit to the clinic getting all of the paperwork and blood work out of the way. Mixed blessing that 4West (oncology unit) was too full to have us come in for round 5.  Liam and I, took that as a sign to enjoy the weather.

     We headed to Liam’s favorite spot, the zoo. We have a bit of a routine always including popsicles, no matter the weather. We never skip a visit  to the giraffes, hippos and lions. Something we had never done before was the Merri-go-Round.  Liam wasn’t overly impressed with our first spin. I must say it does go quite fast and trying to manage an Ironman popsicle made it too exciting.

     The fun didn’t stop there we headed home for a fun visit with Liam’s BFF, Evan. We played, painted and ran circles around the house and yard. I really felt it was important to get in some serious play time knowing that after round 5 we were going to be heading in for our big surgery.

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