• No rest for the weary

    September 28th, 2010MurtLiam


    The final step in the Induction Phase for getting rid of Neuroblastoma is chemo round 6. Riding on a high from our surgery and speedy recovery, we enjoyed the few days before heading in. Auntie Susan set the bar very high with her cake making skills so when Liam requested a fancy cake I took on The SNAKE…

    On a visit to the clinic for blood work we happened upon some White Sox players. They seemed to be almost as impressed with Liam as we were of them (especially their size) They were shocked to see him running around and playing a week after major surgery.

    So the surgeon and oncologists were all happy with the way Liam was healing up so we started Round 6 on the 13th. Liam is getting comfortable around the hospital, he really relaxes more than I ever thought he would. I was told that it was going to happen, but I couldn’t believe when it finally did.

     Liam would do his own blood pressure if he could reach the machines. He chats up the nurses and runs the halls at night like he owns the place. This is a bummer but a blessing all in the same.

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