• Field Museum

    September 30th, 2010MurtLiam
    We were so lucky to have a super, behind the scenes, visit to the Field Museum. Liam is really hot on Dinosaurs these days. He has a knack for those big fancy names.  Nate, our friend and  paleontologist, greeted us at the door and our tour began. Liam was impressed with Sue, the T Rex, and it didn’t stop there.  We snuck around where all the scientists work. I have a feeling the big kids got more from the behind the scenes than Liam. Uncle Mike and Auntie Colleen joined us. I was a touch nervous about the freshly recovered bones and things, I had worries (ridiculous worries) that a prehistoric bug would rear its head while in isolation. This lunacy was based loosely on the importance of avoiding construction because of the release in old mold and particles.

     We then zipped through, searching for buttons to push and trying to explain a fossil. ‘Why is the fish stuck in the rocks’…that is sorta tough to explain. Nate gave Liam some great souvenirs of our visit, an awesome shirt with Sue and a patch for their next expedition to Antarctica.

    I hadn’t been since grade school and there is really much more to offer for little guys than I would have thought. There was an exhibit that brought the dinos to life they were huge, loud and realistic. We have been talking about that exhibit on and off for weeks, it made quite an impression on my boy.


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