• Family Fun

    September 30th, 2010MurtLiam

    The immunosuppression lasts for a year after the stem cell rescue so there are going to be a few changes in how we spend our free time.  Crowded places especially indoors are not great ideas so we won’t have any play dates at the childrens museum or places loads of sticky fingers have been. The key to everything will be proper hand washing.

    I’ll be honest I wanted to steer clear of this germy spot at the Museum of Science and Industry but Liam can find his own way there by now. We figured this weekend is the time to get dirty.

    We visit the zoo frequently as you may have started to notice. Since we pass it on our route to and from the hospital, we had to start the fib about the zoo being closed down for a good cleaning. The main rule is to stay out of the animal houses and especially the barnyard.  So, Will and Liam had a fantastic morning at the zoo exploring every inch.  This pathetic white lie will last at least until next summer. I think Liam  is beginning to believe and hopefully we won’t miss it too much this winter.

    Needless to say we are going into the transplant loaded with fun memories just as we hoped.  There’s work to be done but honestly we decieded that packing for the hospital wasn’t as important as the fun family time.

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