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    September 25th, 2010MurtLiam

     A private room opened up on Saturday so we scooted in to tackle round 5. Usually, we have a roommate during our visits. That can really have its ups and downs. In one way it is nice to share a bit in the experience with someone who understands completely. On the other hand sometimes your neighbor snores:)

     We have had some more contact with our neurosurgery team and it looks like Liam’s spine is doing well, the brace will remain a significant part of our lives for a few more months. I must say Liam never complains about it, which is just one of the million times that Liam adapted gracefully.

    This round of chemo matches the 3rd round and that was definitely our worst so far. Needless to say we were nervous but Liam did very well. I don’t enjoy changing diapers every 2 hrs but its all worth it for his cute tushy.

    We are pretty big on crafty projects while in the hospital. Lots of paints, crayons and tape, he will tape anything.  The  4W Play room is another good way to pass the time around the hospital. In particular there is a train table, legos and a kitchen that keeps Liam busy.  

    We were home for a few days before heading back in with a fever, seems to be a trend it was an uneventful stay.

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