• aden+anais

    September 30th, 2010MurtLiam


    When I was pregnant with Liam I found aden+anais,  They are fantastic company that specialize in Muslin wraps(swaddling blankets).  As a L&D nurse, I am a huge fan of a tight swaddle to soothe a  fussy baby. I was excited to swaddle my own little munchkin for once. Back then you would have to look at specialty stores, but now aden+anais can be found at tons of stores e.g. Target.

    I never stopped using these huge light blankets for just about everything. So, when we realized the Stem Cell Transplant was going to include a ton of bathing and laundry I knew I needed to pick up some more.  I wrote a note to the company to see if they could give me a discount on the huge purchase I was planning.  I have had my eye on more of the muslin wraps and some of their other products.  They have comfy towels and wash cloths that are a perfect for Liam’s super sensitive skin. So, when the company received my letter they sent it on to the CEO and founder.  She responded in a way I could barely believe, as a mom herself, she said she just wanted Liam to be comfortable. This huge box arrived with all the blankets, towels, washcloths, and sleep sacs I could ever need.  I have always given these wraps in baby shower presents and I will continue with pride in what a generous and kind company I support. Check them out at www.adenandanais.com .

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