• Work around the house

    July 19th, 2010MurtLiam

    Liam is an incredible help around the house he is a fantastic cook, cleaner, gardener, painter… you name it he tries it.

    There are alot of projects for us to do around the house so that after Liam goes through the bone marrow transplant the house is clean as possible. We will be in strict isolation at the hospital during both transplants and then afterwards at home. Some of those details are beyond my understanding right now. I am definitely trying to stay focused on the hurdles/tasks at hand. We have been so lucky to have the help of both family and friends. I have had fantastic meals, shopping, gardening, caffeine delivery, never ending support and the elbow grease of loved ones to get us ready. Thankfully we started prep work early and now more of our days are free to play. When it comes down to the isolation I have had a lot of offers for helping to scrub down the house, and I know Will is going to find plenty of help to do the quick paint jobs that can’t be done while Liam is running around.

    Besides large groups, one of the most important things for immune compromised kids to stay away from is construction work. Our building is on the older side so the things that could be uncovered are pretty dangerous for Liam.

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