• Round 4 recovery

    July 19th, 2010MurtLiam

    Liam hit the ground running after round 4, he never ceases to amaze me. We are continuing TPN (intravenous nutrition) so his tummy gets more of a rest and he stays very well hydrated. Liam didn’t  suffer from much vomiting as compared to round 3. What a blessing! He was doing so well I was able to put in some good hours at work. My sister Maggie and Mama Murtagh were in full command while I worked.  Liam slept the day away and only woke an hour before I returned home. 

     The ease of recovery ended 6/23 Liam was running low grade temperatures and had a few mouth sores related to his lack of White Blood Cells . All these things are sort of expected when his counts are down so we waited out the Tornado Warning and headed to the Hospital. The rules for kids with out an immune system are more strict even though Liam’s temperature didn’t reach 101 we still had to be admitted for a few days of evaluation, blood testing and antibiotics. Liam was a champ per usual, we do a ton of crafts and playing to pass the time. He received a few more blood transfusions and when we were discharged we stayed on antibotics at home.  

    So we have blood work drawn at home on Mondays and Thursdays so we know whether we need transfusions and to check the TPN is meeting Liam’s nutritional needs. All is going well nutritionally Liam is eating pretty well his favorite this week is Home Run in Pizza. The boy loves pizza! He needs to head in for a few more transfusions that week but otherwise we are right on schedule for having a great weekend. Mommy’s birthday was a huge part of that weekend. 

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