• Chemo Round Three (YUCK)

    June 8th, 2010MurtLiam

    While we were finishing up our 3rd round of chemo Aunie Susan, Grace and Luke arrived from Sydney. Liam’s immunity is always a concern so after chemo we didn’t meet with the Thwaites’ for a few days.  In general this recovery week was really rough on Liam..lots of puking, low fevers, and not to much sleeping. Liam lost a fair bit of weight so on 5/28 we started IV nutrition (TPN) after hanging out in the Day Hospital for blood and platelet transfusion. Liam has always been a big eater so its tough to have such a change. His tummy just couldn’t handle all the food he had eyes for, but he sure tried. Kind of a repeat performance in the day hospital a few days later with some added antibiotics for a bit of an ear infection. I know you are just tired reading what this little bear bares and I feel the same so we had to treat him with a Swing set, the beauty of Liam being our one and only.

    Liam was starting to get a bit of pep in his step so to start the celebration of turning 2 1/2 we got a swing set in the backyard. Sadly, Maureen got stuck putting it together and had to be rescued by Uncle Mike and Maeve(Liam’s oldest cousin)

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