• Central lines can fall out?

    June 4th, 2010MurtLiam

    This is where the central line should be...not on the floor!

    So, it turns out that a mix of an active 2 year old, swing set, back brace all lead to Liam’s central line dropping to the floor  between Will and I on 6/4.  It really couldn’t have happened at a better time and under better circumstances. I had just returned from getting a haircut and we were starting to get ready for bed…A few seconds later Liam’s central line  just hit the floor and we were off and running to Children’s hospital. Thankfully, there was no bleeding and we soon found out that the entire tubing slipped out so it made for the fastest ER visit to date. Liam was finished with all his iv medications and he was eating well enough to not worry about the TPN( iv nutrition) over the weekend.  We were free to go and not cancel his party!!!

    The Central Line that got away...

    Here is the famous central line that decided to pop out and scare us…Everything from the green marker till the end should be on the inside.  The set of keys in the photo gives you an idea of the scale of the tubes.

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