• Ups and Downs

    May 11th, 2010willLiam

    Well, we finished up round two of Chemo on Tuesday (April 27th)   Liam lead the charge home and was very excited to be around his own stuff, with all sorts of family coming over to visit and play.

    When his counts hit bottom this time he had an impressive diaper/ body rash.  The chemotherapy is excreted through urine so it is common to have diaper rash and Liam has to wear a back brace for a compression fracture(tumor related) in Liam’s back. We spent a fair amount of time with Liam’s tush hanging out and ice packs to cool the itching.  Liam was still in good  form and we made it to the park and got to play with some of our buds. Everything was clear by Monday when we headed in for a blood transfusion. Thankfully we can get infusion and head back home. 

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