• Funtastic Week

    May 10th, 2010MurtLiam

    After a quick admission for fever 5/6 and platelet tranfusion, we had a wonderful Mother’s day weekend at home. The following week we celebrated life and especially good blood counts with some of our favorite people and Liam’s favorite places.  First on our list was Museum of Science and Industry with Uncle Mike and Mama( Maureen’s mom) Liam loves the trains, tractors, milking the cows, eating at the ice cream parlor and as you’ll see he has a future in Nascar:)

    Liam had just started his rainbow sherbet when he eyed someone else’s mint chocolate chip, no one can refuse this beautiful boy especially Uncle Mike…

    Next on the list was a Play date with Liam’s cousin Norah and buddy Bryce. The good times happened at Mama and Pa’s house.

    We ended the week with a day at the Lincoln Park  Zoo. Evan and Cindy treated Liam to his first train ride and then we made our way through to all the animals while munching popcorn. Liam and I frequent the zoo in the winter months so he is a bit of a tour guide by now. Some of Liam’s top animals giraffe, hippo, polar bear, apes and rhino.

    exploring/ dancing with the birds…

    This was such a great week for everyone. We really appreciate any day not spent in the hospital after spending the first month there. It is just so great to PLAY!

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